General Government Secretariat: "The electronic identity card will make the digital transformation of Romania irreversible"

01 iul. 2020 English Section
(Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)

Our country will advance at least five places in the DESI ranking (ed. note: - Digital Economy and Society Index), in the first year after the implementation of the four projects, which the current Executive wants to carry out, said Secretary of State Marian Murguleţ, Government CIO with the General Secretariat of the Government.

Marian Murguleţ said: "At the moment, the Government is considering four projects. The first is the electronic identity card. Starting with August 3rd, 2021, Romanian citizens will not be able to travel abroad if they do not have an electronic identity card. It is very important to design this project correctly from the beginning, not to have it be a simple electronic card with biometric data, but to be a card that will also include the health card, to have all kinds of other services, to have a digital signature - very important. This project, in my opinion, will make the digital transformation of Romania irreversible. We will improve in all sections, when we ensure the digital electronic signature for all Romanian citizens who will want to switch to this type of identity card.

There may be others who don't want to travel abroad and will keep their current ones. Along with this project, we have the government cloud, the interoperability hub and the single point of contact".

The Secretary of State mentioned that the four projects are necessary in view of the place that our country occupies in the DESI report published this year and which presents the situation for last year.

Marian Murguleţ said: "I know that we are ranked 27th of 29 in terms of the general score and that most countries below the median of the European Union have not taken many measures in terms of computerization. It is a position which does not please us, but what matters is what we do to overcome it. In terms of digital services, we are ranked last. The situation shows us the comparison between the demand and supply of e-government services. In the area, perhaps through the single point of contact, we will eventually each have their own account, where we can find notifications, our personal information, status, history, we will be able to apply for the change of the drivers' license, of the ID card or to set the name of the newly born child. In terms of connectivity, Romania is ranked 11th in the European Union, in the upper tier of the chart, but a little lower than we used to be. By adopting 5G we hope to return to a leading position in terms of connectivity".

In terms of 4G coverage, the DESI report ranks Romania 28th, next-to-last, ahead of Bulgaria, and in terms of 5G, in terms of the allocated range, Romania is above the median of the EU countries.

There is a problem which arises in the area of human resources. State secretary Marian Murguleţ said: "In terms of human capital, this year the DESI report measures the number of IT&C graduates and specialists. Unfortunately, even though we have an education worth bragging about, we are ranked with Bulgaria and Italy on the last spots in the EU, in terms of human capital, which means that a problem that we need to work on are digital skills. In terms of IT&C positions which are hard to fill, meaning experts dealing with serious topics, Romanian companies find it very hard to find adequate staff for filling those positions".

Romania is ranked last in the EU in terms of internet usage - with everything that they entail in terms of e-commerce and doing business - which, in the opinion of Mr. Murguleţ, tells us a lot about the integration of digital technologies, about the country's digital transformation, where we hold the next to last position in terms of business computerization and e-commerce.

The state secretary mentioned that, despite the situation presented in the DESI report, the Romanian authorities keep their optimism, keep their high targets and and compare themselves to the best in terms of computerization, to take the necessary measures needed to narrow the gap between Romania and the technologically advanced countries in the European Union.

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