13 years in Romania

08 mar. 2011 English Section
A. A. (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)

"Emirates Airlines" entered the Romanian market in 1997, to major interest from passengers for the destinations it covered.

"We had trouble in successfully convincing the market that you can get to Dubai in very good flight conditions by making an intermediate stop in Istanbul or Athens, but the aircraft that EMIRATES is equipped with, the excellent on-board service, the exactness of our schedule and the daily frequency of flights have made many of the business passengers choose EMIRATES, in particular for flights to Asia, India, Japan, China and Australia", said Nicolae Demetriade, the chairman of "World Travel", who represents Emirates Airlines in Romania. Furthermore, Dubai is extremely attractive to Romanians, who use it as a destination for their holidays or for "shopping".

According to Mr. Demetriade, "EMIRATES AIRLINES" currently holds the largest and most modern fleet of long distance courier aircraft, as it was appointed the World"s Airline Of The Year, for several years. In Dubai, Emirates built its own departure terminal that can compete with the most famous airports, while also having the world"s most attractive duty free.

EMIRATES runs non-stop flights between DUBAI and several destinations in North America, which makes it extremely attractive to passengers.

As for the plans for the future, Nicolae Demetriade hopes that the Romanian market will become interesting enough for EMIRATES to launch a DUBAI- BUCHAREST direct flight. "But given the large capacity of EMIRATES aircraft and the daily schedule, we need to be realistic and to understand that such flights will not be profitable", Mr. Demetriade said.

According to him, EMIRATES is considering strategy to attract traffic from markets in which it does not operate directly and which are 4-5 hours of flight away.

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