The ASF allows offenders to run around in the stock market

13 iul. 16:00 English Section
MAKE (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
The ASF allows offenders to run around in the stock marketMAKE (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)

The ASF gives a new round of arbitrariness and abetting Najib el Lakis and Bogdan Drăgoi, on the occasion of the General Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting of SIF Oltenia scheduled for tomorrow, by once again refusing to declare the investments funds that SIF Banat Crişana and SIF Muntenia control as acting in concert. Together with their own holdings they control about 28% of SIF Oltenia.

The situation is unchanged since the General Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting of April 28th, when the shareholders of SIF Oltenia "index Drăgoi" held their meeting in the shade of trees, out in the street, with a quorum of 30.54%, revealing the solidarity that ties Lakis and Drăgoi.

Like the poet says: "Your neighbors knew me well/ Alas you never did".

Eminescu is referring to the ASF - the fact that representatives of some investor funds had been accepted in the meeting room, but preferred not to go in, but instead chose to rally tightly around Drăgoi, in the street, is an action in concert that is telling, known by everybody, except by the ASF.

The last time the statement of the ASF was: "... no information has been found elements/data has been identified which would lead to the conclusion that the entities/individuals in question, by themselves or together with other individuals/entities, exceed the 5% limit of the share capital of SIF Oltenia".

It is beyond doubt.

Nobody can prove that the ASF ASF has identified any information or elements.

If someone doesn't want to do something, they don't.

In such cases, you can't even identify the sun in the sky.

You could look at the sun til you go blind, but if you're not going to "identify" it, then you aren't.

BURSA has published the charts of the holdings that show the control of SIF4 and SIF1 over the investment funds - a blinding evidence.

I predict that from this point on, the comments on the article will fill up with the cursing from the supporters of Lakis and Drăgoi, - that I am an idiot, that I am being paid by Ciurezu and Fercală and that I am a filthy jew - those are their most reasonable arguments, when they don't just threaten us with a raid from the police or the secret services.

The gang of commenters has among its leaders a classy lady who thinks that boorishness is legitimately based on "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone", and so, if you're the author's article, she thinks she's entitled to ask you "Are you perfect?!"

Such refinement, morality, reasoning...

Undoubtedly, Gabriel Grădinescu, the vice-president of the ASF, does not identify the elements of the infraction for which Najib el Lakis has been sentenced.

Najib el Lakis was convicted for the same elements which Gabriel Grădinescu cannot identify.

In a manner that suggests he is grateful to Grădinescu, Bogdan Drăgoi praises the ASF in public statements.

There may be others, but I would say that Bogdan Drăgoi says he is the only one in Romania that has the gall to praise the ASF.

Bogdan Drăgoi praises every tier of the ASF, 1, 2 and 3.

They're all good.

BURSA has published the "Chart of corruption" of the ASF, - power trafficking, cronyism and emotional ties.

Drăgoi thinks the ASF is competent, professional, principled.

The outrage in the stock market against the arbitrariness of the ASF's measures don't matter.

Nor the flurry of lawsuits against the ASF.

Nor the people's riot in the insurance segment.

Interesting point of view.

It is to be assumed that Bogdan Drăgoi thinks Najib el Lakis himself is competent, professional and principled even if he is a convicted offender, serving his sentence.

Bogdan Drăgoi has officially taken on Najib el Lakis as consultant.

I repeat, a convicted offender who is currently serving his sentence, has an official position at the top of an important institution of the stock market - a SIF.

How could the ASF allow that?!

Precisely why, because the ASF has not identified any element that would lead to the banning an offender convicted for manipulating the stock market (and money laundering), who is currently serving his sentence from activating in the stock market.

So what if he is an offender?

Is that an element?!

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